Evaluation & Measurement

I work with nonprofits and foundations to identify the information they need to make strategic decisions about their policy campaigns or grant portfolios. I gather and analyze data from stakeholders and other authoritative sources to assess a project’s strengths and challenges. I create timely reports that provide expert analysis and practical recommendations.

A formal evaluation is not always the best tool to inform a client’s strategy and operations. Some organizations benefit more from a mechanism to gather program data in-house and analyze it over time. I develop measurement and learning (MEL) systems based on an organization’s information needs, and a realistic assessment of staff’s capacity to utilize the system over time. A MEL process can maintain an organization’s readiness to address unforeseen strategic opportunities, board or trustee presentations, or media inquiries.

Research & Strategy

Funding for organizing and advocacy is always limited, and the demands of the current policy environment are stretching social justice dollars very thinly. It’s vital to structure policy-advocacy campaigns to make the wisest use of those dollars. I research the wisdom of leading advocates, organizers, organizational development experts, and academics to advise clients about what is known (and not known) about how projects similar to theirs have been structured and operated successfully. I recommend creative ways that a client’s core advocacy investments can be leveraged to make its case to a range of audiences.

Consulting & Collaboration

I work with social justice innovators across the country to be “another set of eyes” on policy-advocacy proposals and projects. My years of experience developing advocacy projects, supervising nonprofit programs, and evaluating policy campaigns and grant portfolios make me a valuable thought-partner.

If you’re stuck, or just want another opinion, be in touch! I’m an avid networker, and I enjoy making connections. If I can’t help, it’s likely I can put you in touch with someone who can.