Measurement, Learning & Evaluation

Are your strategies and activities achieving your organization’s mission? Good data is the key to answering that question. But what do you do when your work is challenging to measure?

I work with service providers, activists and philanthropies to identify the information they need to improve their work, devise practical ways to gather and analyze it, and put it to use in advancing their goals.

The most useful measurement often can be done by an organization’s own staff. I develop realistic, easy-to-use tools for staff to learn about their program’s progress through collaborating with their colleagues on data gathering and analysis.

Sometimes it’s important to have an independent review of a grant portfolio, policy campaign, or service delivery program. I gather and analyze data from stakeholders and other authoritative sources to assess a project’s or portfolio’s strengths and challenges. I report findings and recommendations to the client’s staff, leadership, and other target audiences in ways that permit them to take action.

In addition to supporting organizational planning, my work helps client staff prepare more effectively for board or trustee presentations, media inquiries, or reporting to funders.

Communicating Strategy

You’ve worked hard to plan a policy campaign, refine your service provision program, or devise a donor collaborative. Now you need to get a hearing from the implementing partners, allies, and funders who can assist with making these plans a reality.

A compelling concept paper or project plan can help focus the attention of busy decision-makers. I work with strategists to pinpoint the aspects of their plans that best meet the specific goals and interests of potential supporters and allies. I help clients to communicate their visions, goals, and tactics in ways that support productive discussions about partnership and funding.

Coaching & Capacity Building

You want to be more confident in measuring and communicating your impact but don’t know where to start? I work with philanthropy and nonprofit staff to build understanding of measurement and learning concepts, develop effective learning processes within their organizations, and connect with helpful resources. I also assist with developing and vetting bids for outside measurement, learning and evaluation services.

If you’re developing a measurement and learning plan, or want to better understand measurement and learning options, be in touch! I’m an avid networker, and I enjoy making connections. If I can’t help, it’s likely I can put you in touch with someone who can.