Data-Informed Services to Enhance Social Change Impact

At Fine Gauge Strategy, we offer expertise that empowers data-informed decision-making. We partner with foundations and nonprofits to gain insight, build resilience, and have confidence that their work is moving the needle of social change. 

Our deep background as policy advocates, nonprofit leaders, and evaluators informs everything we do. We use measurement and learning, organizational development, planning, and futures/foresight tools to customize services to fit your needs. 

Fine Gauge Strategy clients range from major philanthropic foundations to small-but-mighty advocates and community organizers.

Come to us for the full range of learning and planning services for social change organizations and philanthropies:

  • Measurement and Learning (MLE) that answers questions about your impact and supports effective, confident adaptation of your strategy 
  • Evaluations of your policy campaign, coalition, or grant portfolio and its policy-change impact
  • Theory of Change and high-level strategic reflection that build consensus within your team
  • Strategic plans that foster teamwork, build resilience, and focus on implementation 
  • Concept and position papers that concisely describe your unique value 
  • Accomplishment interviews for leadership transitions that support new leaders to learn from departing leaders’ wisdom