Resources I’ve developed

Tools and resources that I have developed for measurement and evaluation of community organizing and policy-change advocacy

Sample Outcomes for Advocacy & Organizing-Mobilizing

How do you know that your organizing or advocacy work is making headway toward your policy change goals? This resource lists short-term and medium-term benchmarks for measuring your progress.


Measurement & Evaluation Approaches for Impact Litigation

Impact litigation can support policy change work in the legislature and city hall, in addition to making gains in the courtroom. This short primer discusses measurement of litigation-related advocacy outcomes and how litigation is conducted.


Links to external resources

Tools and resources for advocacy-policy change evaluation and measurement that I regularly use and recommend to others

A foundational paper by TCC Group on the key capacities that effective advocacy organizations need, and how to measure them.

TCC Group (2009). What Makes an Effective Advocacy Organization: A Framework for Determining Advocacy Capacity.

How do you define an organizing or advocacy “field,” and how do you measure it? An important resource by Dr. Jewlya Lynn, published by Center for Evaluation Innovation.

Center for Evaluation Innovation (2014). Assessing and Evaluating Change in Advocacy Fields.

Power is the essential foundation of advocacy-policy change. This rubric by Innovation Network succinctly describes ways to assess power-building by social movements.

Innovation Network, Social Movement Theory of Change and Power Indicators

Drafting an RFP for evaluation services? This Public Profit guide is essential reading.

Public Profit RFP Guide